peeps and tech…

Peeps and Tech is a job placement company for tech saavy people looking for great gigs. The client came to me for a logo and website design. i started out designing the logo. she wanted a logo that wasn’t too serious but still seemed legit, she also wanted to play off the company name by including a nerdy looking peep. after the logo was finalized i worked on the site which is a scrolling website that seamlessly flows between mobile and desktop surfaces. 

logo in color, black and white and as a favicon:

desktop website:

mobile website:

petrick / muto wedding…

My sister got married recently and since im a designer, by default i got to take care of all the paper goods for her wedding and the events leading up to it. i am going to post about the bridal shower and wedding separately because there are so many pieces (you can view everything here)

Their wedding was on New Year’s Eve so we went with an elegant but fun black and shimmery gold design. Everything was printed on a metallic gold leaf card stock and had envelopes to match:

this is the bundle tied with gold metallic ribbon:



Accommodations insert:


favors (we did gold sparkly party horns, mini champagne bottles and had a photobooth that utilized the script font that i used on everything)

petrick bridal shower…

My sister got married recently and since im a designer, by default i got to take care of all the paper goods for her wedding and the events leading up to it. i am going to post about the bridal shower and wedding separately because there are so many pieces (you can view everything here). 

for the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner we went with the natty boh / utz girl theme since it’s a big thing in baltimore when you get engaged, have a look.

here is the invitation for the bridal shower, they were printed on a shimmery cream toned card stock:



bridal shower games:

we also had cookies made by Clough’D 9 Cookies and Sweets to match the theme:


for the rehearsal dinner i created a menu with a similar feel, printed on white shimmery card stock:


this is a photo of the menu on the table with the first course, the food at la tavola is soooooo good! 


AIDS Action Baltimore…

i created the print collateral for the AIDS Action Baltimore Tea in the Valley benefit party. Below you will see the save-the-date, the invitation and the poster used to promote the event. The party had a great turn out raising over $70,000. The money will allow the organization to continue drug research and treatment access advocacy, and to also provide valuable medical, financial and emotional support to people with the HIV infection. I was really happy to be involved in this project and it was actually a lot of fun! Check it out: 

pen pal painting exchange…

i decided to sign-up for the pen pal painting exchange just for something fun and mindless to do. it’s one of the new projects that art house co-op is running. they sent me a little 8x8 canvas to paint whatever i wanted and when i was finished i just had to write a little note to my soon to be new pen pal and send it back. once they received all the pieces they would pair everyone up accordingly. ive never painted my bunny meatball before and i thought this was a great time to honor the little prince, take a look:


all packaged and ready to go!


remembering elmer…

my mom is a secretary at an elementary school, she’s always been great with kids so it doesn’t surprise me that they all love her. there was a very sick little boy at her school named Elmer that she became very close with. she said a lot of times she was the only one he wanted to hold him. so when he ended up in the hospital with another illness and never made it out my mom was heart broken along with many other teachers in the school. my mom asked me if i could paint a portrait of Elmer for her to give to his mom and prints of it to give to all of his teachers. i was very happy to do this for them, so this is how it turned out. i created this painting with acrylics on canvas board. R.I.P. Elmer.

art in full swing…

i was asked to participate in the art in full swing art auction for the cal ripken sr foundation. participants had the option to create something for the auction per their usual materials or to take on the challenge of painting on an actual baseball bat. i decided to break out of my box a little and go for the baseball bat option. my idea is based around learning the life of a tree by reading it’s rings, but instead we are reading the life of cal ripken sr. through a baseball bat. i sliced the bat into 9 pieces for the 9 innings in a baseball game, each piece was painted with acrylic paint in this order starting with the top of the bat: baseball, cal ripken sr, cal ripken jr, billy ripken, maryland flag, orioles bird, the number seven, “you’re out!” and lungs. the last 3 pieces might be some of the lesser known facts, billy and cal ripken sr. both wore the #7 for the orioles, the “you’re out!” is for when cal sr was fired from being coach and the lungs are because cal sr died of lung cancer. each of the 9 pieces are screwed into a diamond shaped piece of wood that has been painted black. the piece can either be hung on a wall or placed on a table. it will be up for auction may 16th at the annapolis yacht club along with many other great pieces, you can check out the event here.





collins+wilson communications…

collins+wilson communications, a new pr and marketing firm out of the baltimore area, asked me to create a logo for their company. they were really interested in a monogram type mark that was playful but still felt classy. here is what we ended up with:

happy birthday “bob” book…

back in december my dad’s side of the family collaborated on compiling stories, photos and letters to my grandfather for his 90th birthday. i was tasked with laying it out. i felt like i got to learn so much about my family and couldn’t wait for my grandpop to get the book. i am showing just a few of the entries, they were all fantastic, if you are interested in seeing the whole book you can view it here.


this was my personal entry to my grandpop:

zeta one…

i watched zeta one for the first time the other day (here is the trailer if you’re interested), it’s pretty hilarious. i will probably end up doing some paintings from it at some point, the lighting was really cool. anyway here is a drawing i did of one of the angvian women…

madiz & sam wedding goods…

i had the honor recently to design wedding paper goods for some friends of mine and to top the cake, i was even asked to be in it! this is the first project i have really been involved in from beginning to end, it was definitely a blast. below you will see all the paper products i ended up creating for their big day; wedding invite with wood veneer envelopes, double sided rsvp postcard, single-fold wedding program and a menu. congratulations to the newly weds! xoxo!


p.s. i know i have been m.i.a. but i have many more projects to share that i will be finishing up with soon!

save the date prop…

a few months ago i was hired to create a wedding save the date prop for doug and andrea. they asked me to paint on a crab bushel lid with a simple nautical theme that matched their wedding colors. i was excited about this project, it was pretty different from most of the things i get requests for. they recently got their photos done so i am able to post about it now! take a look below, really turned out nice! photo by dunks photo.

house sitter international identity

i was hired recently to create a logo for a house sitter, but not your usual friend of the neighborhood that will come over and check on your house, this is the real deal! and not only do they house sit they will travel anywhere to make sure your home is safe while you are away. we decided to go with a mark that looked like a stamp - a stamp on a postcard or a stamp that you might see in a passport. there is also an icon that is part of this stamp that is a key, the teeth of the key create the shape of a house. this is a strong icon that reinforces the trust you can have in house sitter international and can be used on it’s own for certain things. take a look at the logos and be on the look out for house sitter international! 

engagement party invitation…

i recently finished another engagement party invitation. the party is being held at kettle hill in baltimore which has a cozy and rustic vibe. lots of rough wood and dark metals in there. i went with the same mood for the invitation, made it a rich brown color with a little bit of texture and sleek typography. i added some flourishes and “cheers”ing champagne glasses at the top to make it a little more interesting and fun.

angies 50th birthday bash!

angie is crisanto’s mom, she turns 50 today (happy birthday angie!) and last night we threw a big party for her at pazo in baltimore. it was a great success and so much fun. i was in charge of the table decorations. we were going with an 80’s theme and angie is a big music person so i used that as a basis for my designs. the table numbers were musicians with boomboxes, bono from U2 (angie’s favorite!), siouxsie and the banshees, madonna, and david bowie. the place cards naturally were cassette tapes with the guests name and the corresponding musician table number. we had personalized m&m’s in decorative candy boxes for each guest as well. take a look, i took some photos of the actual tables but it was really dark in there so it’s a little hard to see everything: